Formerly Synthesis Germany - now Keywords Studios Globalize Services Germany

What's our background

It all started in the basement of an old submarine engine factory in Hamburg-Altona. That’s where we set up our own recording studio in 2007: Periscope Studio.

We were drawn straight to the games industry, producing music & sound design for video games and gradually adding more and more voice recordings. In 2009, we began working together on joint projects with Synthesis from Milan. That’s how our first localizations for international customers came about. After several years of successful partnership, we founded Synthesis Germany together in 2012.

Our next steps involved establishing an internal translation department, expanding our team and optimizing our work flows. This meant we had everything we needed to throw ourselves completely into the localization of ambitious video game productions.

Various projects and successes later, Keywords Studios noticed us. In 2016, we joined the family and became a Keywords Studio. This means that we now have even more super powers. And of course all options for multilingual production.

But of course, it doesn’t stop there. Our journey continues: we’re not resting on our laurels. We continue to seek out challenges and we’re constantly honing our skills.

Our team

Neat online solutions, smart processes,
state-of-the-art recording equipment, proprietary software tools... yes, we have all of that. But we believe something else is even more important: people with passion and expertise. And we’re proud to say we have those in abundance!

Meet our super team:

Project Manager Translation

Sword fighter and Shapeshifter/Cosplayer. Using her lucky dice, she can create a “Safe Space” for herself and the other characters for 30 seconds. With the help of “Creative Cursing,” the group gains +15 Good Mood and the age rating index for translations increases by +5.

Gateway drug: Tetris on Game Boy, 1995
Most played: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
Synthesis trophy: Lead PM for Bethesda

Audio Production Lead & Technical Lead

Franconian Support. His “Strong Together” bonus gives all group members +10 Vital Energy. When he uses his special skill “Smart Intervention,” everybody receives +2 on all attributes.

Gateway drug
: Ford Racing on PC, 2002
Most played: Destiny
Synthesis trophy: Production manager for Valorant

Head of Audio

Polyfunctional Poker Face. Before every round, composes a song for his enemies’ funeral. His “Coding Talent” bonus increases the efficiency of group actions by +20.

Gateway drug: Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards on PC, 1987
Most played: Ultima VII: The Black Gate
Synthesis trophy: Our team! Extraordinary on both a human and professional level, and with so much passion for our projects!

Project Manager Translation

Powerful All-rounder. Can be used in any lane. Her “Bragi’s Feather” bonus gives her +15 in Translation. When she uses her “Eye of the Storm” skill, she protects the team from the worst hailstorms the project can throw at us.

Gateway drug: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time on Nintendo 64, 1998
Most played: Lord of the Rings Online
Synthesis trophy: tba, but it also has something to do with rings ;-)

Head of Translation

Good-natured Translation Tank. His beard grants him a bonus of +15 Diplomatic Skill. When he uses “Heimdall’s Call,” everybody in the group gets +20 Reason. Once he’s collected all the types of whiskey in the game, his character is imba.

Gateway drug: Mario Bros., Tetris and Nintendo World Cup on NES, 1991
Most played: Sid Meier’s Pirates!
Synthesis trophy: Multilingual project management unlocked

Project Manager Audio

The Cmaj9 Chord and Baritone of the Audio Team. Additional damage if other group members join in his singing. His special attack “Problem Solver” causes area damage to enemies in the vicinity; his “Piccolo” bonus dazes them for 10 seconds.

Gateway drug: The Settlers 3 on PC, 1998
Most played: Portal 2
Synthesis trophy: "Head of SFX" for HotS

Project Manager Translation

Strong Fighter and Guardian of the Inbox. Motivates her translator team with “Pull Socks Up,” giving them +15 Commitment. With “Battle Cry,” she increases her attributes to 120% for a short period.

Gateway drug: Power Quest on GameBoy Color, 1999
Most played: NieR:Automata
Synthesis trophy: PM for Yakuza 7

Project Manager Audio & Studio Admin

Bavarian Cultural Ambassador with nerves of steel. If he comes into play in the middle of a round, the group receives the “Increased Efficiency” bonus. His special skill “In Exile” grants all group members +15 Endurance.

Gateway drug: Frogger & Pac Man on Atari 2600, 20 years too late!
Most played: The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion
Synthesis trophy: Supporting role for a trailer, woohoo!

Accounting Assistant

Jolly Number Juggler. If the dollar exchange rate is favorable, her laugh gives the group +15 Charisma. With her special skill “Push Through,” she gets the monthly accounts ready even under adverse conditions.

Gateway drug: Super Mario on Game Boy, 1992
Most played: Tetris
Synthesis trophy: Case of beer won for introducing NetSuite ;-)

Project Manager Audio

Valkyrie of Black Humor. If she reaches the “Bone Dry” level, enemies will be disarmed in a single attack. With her special skill “Holy Alliance,” she summons audio PMs to support the team.

Gateway drug: Tomb Raider on PC, 2000
Most played: the Witcher series
Synthesis trophy: PM for a game about the mafia. ;-)

Audio Team Lead & Project Manager Audio

Audio Lead and Custodian of Hearts. If he uses his “Prankster” skill, he transfers +10 Health from himself to everyone else in the group. When the chips are down, he uses his special attack “Butter the Cat” to buy himself time.

Gateway drug: Monkey Island on PC, 1991
Most played: World of Warcraft
Synthesis trophy: Production management for Fallout 4

Studio Head

Solid as a Rock and Great Healer. Uses his "Epic Shelter" to cast a powerful protective cloak around the group. His special skill “Guffaw” gives everybody +10 Humor and +10 Motivation.

Gateway drug: Microsoft Flight Simulator on PC, 1988
Most played: The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim (by far!)
Synthesis trophy: PM for The Elder Scrolls Online Base Game, it doesn’t get bigger than that

Project Manager Translation

Syllable Sibyl and Queen of Wordplay. Acquires the “No Pain” bonus on all pun attacks when wearing a band shirt. Her special skill “Razor-sharp Tongue” makes her precise and deadly.

Gateway drug: Little Fighter 2 on PC, 1999
Most played: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Synthesis trophy: tba. Till then: Secret weapon & in-house pedant

Casting & Booking

Tamer of Tempers. His motorcycle jacket gives him a “Thick Skin” bonus enabling him to hire any voice actor that’s available. Using his special skill “Eternal Gaming Knowledge,” he grants the group brief omniscient insights into video game culture.

Gateway drug: Super Mario World & Donkey Kong Country on the Super Nintendo, 1995
Most played: Gothic
Synthesis trophy: Survived 10 weeks of Fallout 4 call-sheet hell.

IT Specialist

IT Demigod and Lord of the Network. If his “Full Control” bonus is at maximum level, he reduces enemies’ health right inside the game engine. All group members gain +15 Intelligence permanently.

Gateway drug: Conquest of the New World on PC, 1995
Most played: Thief: The Dark Project
Synthesis trophy: 01001101 01010101 01001100 01010100 01001001 00100000 01010000 01000001 01010011 01010011

Audio Production Lead

to be filled with nice details - just waiting for translation :-DDD

Gateway drug: tba
Most played: tba
Synthesis trophy: tba

Audio Production Lead

to be filled with nice details - just waiting for translation :-DDD

Gateway drug: tba
Most played: tba
Synthesis trophy: tba

Audio Production Lead

to be filled with nice details - just waiting for translation :-DDD

Gateway drug: tba
Most played: tba
Synthesis trophy: tba

Resource Coordinator Audio
to be filled with nice details - just waiting for translation :-DDD

Gateway drug: tba
Most played: tba
Synthesis trophy: tba