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Your partner for video game localization

We specialize in translations and voice recordings for video games.
German is our forte, but together with other Keywords Studios around the world we can offer any other languages you need. How can we help you?

Nerds? You bet!

Of course, you don’t have to be a nerd to localize video games. But if you want to do it really well, it certainly doesn’t hurt.

And because we’re not just passionate gamers, but also pedantic linguists and audio freaks, we’re pretty darn good at our jobs. At least, that’s what our customers say. And the games press, too.

Video game localization is not all fun and games, of course. Every good game has its own share of pretty tough challenges. Nobody loves cryptic files, frantic updates and tight deadlines, but hey: it’s not a problem! We can handle those too! And in the end, you’ll have a beautifully localized game – here’s a selection of our work:

What our clients say

"Thanks for your unwavering support during the localization of Fallout 4. You deserve this award. Congratulations!" – Zenimax team, Frankfurt

“Thanks for providing again the excellent localization service.” – Antti Rantanen, Producer at Frozenbyte (on voice recording for Trine 4)


“So Anna, I wanted to thank you for the past year and great work, you've made my job here much easier :)” – Antti Rantanen, Producer at Frozenbyte (on translation of "Nine Parchments")

“As usual, proactiveness from Andrea who asks questions about deadline, schedule, and reports on issues encountered in the files. She is often the first vendor to notice problems and her findings can be shared with other collaborators to save time.” –  Senior Project Manager at major publisher