Formerly Synthesis Germany - now Keywords Studios Globalize Services Germany

Video game localization

We translate video game texts and produce voice recordings. Our objective is to offer players the exact same experience they’d have if they were playing the original – just in German.

As a part of Keywords Studios, we also work with outstanding studios around the world to localize your games into other languages, too.


We could talk at length about how we breathe life into our translations and make them sound authentic in the game. And about how all the formatting, console compliance and consistency of fixed terms works... expertise, processes, tools, QA, etc. But we don’t want to inflict you with mountains of text here – so, why not write to us? We’ll give you a call to tell you more, and together we can see how we can help with your project!

There’s one more thing you should know: we’re more than just a team of project managers. We’re linguists, qualified translators and passionate gamers. That’s how we keep a tight grip on content and quality.

Voice recordings

It all started with audio, but now we’ve racked up tons of XP on other skill trees. To master the complexity of large-scale video game productions, we’ve programmed a large number of proprietary tools. They help us not only to organize files, but also with casting, the recording itself, and even postproduction. So you could say: it works a charm!
And when it comes to translation, we have quality just as firmly under control.


Internal voice direction: check!
Internal postproduction & QA: check!
Germany-wide casting: check!
Germany-wide recording: check!
VIP voices: check!
Dialog recording: check!
Dubbing: check!
Rich sound: check!
The best damn studio coffee: check!

LQA and more

 We’ve been supporting customers with multilingual translation services, voice recordings and LQA since 2012. In 2016,
we joined Keywords Studios giving us access to a host of international studios and resources 

You have regular updates for your mobile games in more than 20 languages, and need a fast turnaround and monthly LQA run-throughs?
No problem! When would you like us to start?